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Walk-in shower in Strasbourg

For a better accessibility, the purpose of this project was to create a walk-in shower and to keep the existing furniture.

In order to sublimate the existing furniture, the low storage has been embellished with a Corian washbasin plan and surmounted by two high pieces of furniture with a textured finish and a round backlit mirror to modernize the future bathroom.

Total area: 9,5 m².
Year of implementation: project in progress.

Kitchen renovation in Robertsau

Interiore offered differnet variations for this family kitchen renovation.

Total area: 18,2 m².
Year of project : 2020.

Full renovation of a flat in Strasbourg

Renovation of an apartment of 150m² quai Mullenheim by integrating the furniture and carpets of the client.

Ideally located with views of the Ill, the opening between living room and dining room brings brightness and openness to the room.
The luminous circles inserted in the ceilings and the refined furniture added combine with existing furniture to bring a contemporary atmosphere.

Totale area: 150m².
Project in progress. 2021-2022.

Kitchen renovation in Hoenheim

Interiore carried out this open kitchen project with large granite countertops of the brand Arredo3.

The clean look and the clear facades allow to lighten and widen the space. The layout allows to integrate a table that can easily accommodate 6 people. The base of the table in tempered glass adds an aerial effect thanks to its transparency.

Total area: 16 m².
Year of implementation: project in progress.

Kitchen project in Dingsheim

This kitchen has been designed and adapted in the space for the customer’s appliances.

In order to obtain a linear and unified visual the fridge and dishwasher have been recessed with finishes identical to those surrounding.
Corner cabinet, cabinet under the frige and curtain front allow an optimized and functional storage of small appliances.

Total area: 10,41m².

Bathroom in Strasbourg

Interiore/strong> made this bathroom to bring light and lightness to the room, while bringing soft colors to energize it.

The shower area, with built-in bench, is spacious and bathed in natural light for maximum relaxation.
The laundry area and the water balloon integrated in the furniture make it possible to visually free the room while offering a large space of complementary storage.

Total surface area: 11,1 m².

Year of implementation: 2021.

En-suite in Hottviller

This lovely on-suite showcases all the creative know-how of the Interiore team.

When designing this for our clients, our main goal was to create a very functionnal on-suite with a maximum of storage space, where they could feel relaxed and and get ready for the day to come !
By establishing the layout of the room very carefully, we were able to optimse the available space. The shower area is concealed behind the vanity unit, the materials used there as well as the lighting provide a soothing atmosphere.

Both bathroom and dressing room, this space allows the clients to have a functional and aesthetic space to perform their daily beauty rituals!

Bathroom in Breuschwickersheim

The client wanted a family bathroom where everyone could have their own storage space.

Composed of a large walk-in shower, a bathtub and storage units, this bathroom benefits from the light brought in by the three large windows.
The columns and storage units play with the perspective of the room. The bathtub is facing the shower, which is covered with natural beige stone tiling. This combines nicely with the white lacquered Arbi furniture to create a soothing ambience. The brown toilet mounting recalls the geometric play found on the shower screen and harmonizes with the rest of the colours.

Kitchen in Luxembourg

We made a fully concealed custom kitchen for this client.

This kitchen being open into the living and dining area, the objective was to conceal it when the owners were not using it, in order to unify the esthetic of this large living space. The central island creates a separation between the two areas, on which there is a snacking tablet.
On the sides, columns conceal the appliances and the wine cellar behind retractable doors. The honeycomb aluminum facades with dark wood veneer create a contrast with the white matt lacquer of the central island and the worktop, focusing the eye on light areas.
These caracteristics give the kitchen a linear and refined look with contemporary colors.

Total area : 29.8m²

Full renovation of a flat in Nancy

This Nancy based apartment has been completely renovated in a very contemporary style and is tailored to its owners’ needs!
The 3D views Interiore creates allow our clients to fully immerse themselves into their future homes.
Whether it’s our Italian design products or your existing furniture and paintings, everything can be modeled!

Doing so allows us to perfectly target your expectations and create the atmosphere you want in your home!

Bathroom in Hoerdt

This bathroom was designed with the available space in mind. The see-through shower screen creates a separation between the toilet and the rest of the room, without visually reducing its size.
In order to make the showering area more intimate, dark quartz panels and a matching shower tray were used to line the walls and floor. The lacquered dark grey vanity unit and its assorted shelf panels frame the mirror gracefully.
The washstand with integrated washbasins is made from white Corian, which contrasts with the darker elements and brings extra light to the room. The walls, coated with natural lime, have the same effect.
Last but not least, the waterproof woven mesh flooring adds warmth to the ensemble.

Bathroom with sloping ceiling

Designed and installed with the utmost care, this Interiore bathroom was drawn according to its environment and adapts perfectly to it.

The corian bathtub, highlighted by the horizontal wooden cladding, finds its place under the attic. These panels go very well with the natural stone tiles used in the shower.
The wooden vanity creates a reminder of the flooring and of the horizontal covering while adding warmth to the white bathroom furniture. This juxtaposition of light and dark colours gives the room character.
Natural light is provided by two conveniently placed roof windows, one above the bath, the other above the shower.

Handicapped-accessible bathroom

This bathroom was specifically designed to be accessible for wheelchair users.

The shower and toilet are both equipped with support bars, the bathroom units and the mirror have been lowered, making them accessible from a seated position.
The walk-in shower and the bathroom flooring are on the same level, making the transition from one to the other as smooth as possible.
All in all, the colour palette used brings a very warm touch to the room, with its dark units, faux wooden flooring and rich ochre walls.

Made to mesure kitchen in Switzerland

This white lacquered made to mesure kitchen fits in pefectly to it’s atypical surroundings. The faux-granit worktop made of black porcelain perfectly contrasts with the white units and wooden flooring.

An opening will be created during the renovation, meaning that the kitchen will give onto the living area. This opening will bring extra light and space to the room.

Total area : 95 sq ft (8.8 m²)

Full renovation of a flat in Strasbourg

This appartment is ideally located in the center of Strasbourg, on the bank of the river Ill. The layout allows the residents to have a panoramic view of their immediate surroundings, including the river.

By renovating the entire appartment, each room was considered as part of a whole and not as a seperate entity. This allowed us to create harmonious project, whitout taking away from each areas individuality.

Total area : 1700 sq ft (158 m²)
Year of implementation: 2019.

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